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Winter Workshops

Here’s a slew of short-term intensives available in the darkest months of the year. They’re perfect holiday gifts for someone special (like you, for instance.)  There’s no better time than the turn of the year to reframe your life for 2018! 


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Current Offerings


All classes in North Boulder unless specified otherwise

Through the darkness into the light weekend writing intensive

Through the darkness into the light weekend writing intensive


Open to writers of all levels, this class is designed to help you open to the more challenging side of your experience, then stretch into your dreams and prepare your nervous system to live the life you want. Heavy on personal growth and light on literary perfectionism, we’ll explore themes of failure, self-judgement, kindness, and then move into the bright side of life. Use the alchemical power of writing to move your life in the direction you want it to go! No workshopping and critiquing.


I’ll need to talk to you on the phone and receive a deposit before I can confirm your place. Scroll down to initiate that process for the Dec. 9/10 and Jan. 6/7 classes. 10-4 Saturday and 10-3 Sunday.

Day Camp for desperate, tentative, or simply curious writers

Day Camp for desperate, tentative, or simply curious writers

$35/person per session

We’ll meet mornings and evenings from Tuesday thru Thursday, January 9-11. Come for one session or come for all six.  It’s cheap, there’s tea, encouragement, quiet, there’s even chocolate!


This low-cost, low-commitment writing camp is perfect for ongoing students with glitches in their writing, folks wanting to check out my offerings, or those wanting to experience the power of the group writing field. What I mean by this is that other people will be writing, and that will help you write, too. I will turn off the internet. I will not allow you to get up and clean my fridge to avoid the blank page (although I may feel conflicted about this.) You will get a surprising amount done.


Here’s how it will go: We’ll sit down together over tea, pecans and chocolate (provided.) Then we’ll go around and briefly state our writing intentions. I’ll provide a prompt to get folks going, and we’ll work in silence for the rest of the period. (The prompts will cover the gamut of what I offer and they’ll be responsive to what the group wants. For example, if you’re interested in the Heroine’s Journey class, I’ll give a Heroine’s Journey prompt. If you’re interested in another class, you’ll get a prompt from that class. If you decide to attend every single session, you will not be given the same prompt twice.) I’ll be available for private 15-minute consultations with each writer — there’ll be a signup sheet at the door.


This offering differs from my regular class in that 1) you can consult privately with me, and 2) there won’t be a group share of what you’ve written. Interested? Click the button below.

The Heroine's Journey

The Heroine's Journey


Feb. 3 & 4, plus Feb. 10 & 11, 10-4 each day. Holy wow, we will get a LOT of writing (and reframing of our lives) done in two action-packed weekends!


The Heroine’s Journey is based on mythologist Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey — the plot structure common to adventure stories from cultures the world over. Each session of the 2 weekend class, we cover a different step of our own journey (because, whether we know it or not, we are living an adventure story.) Of the two writing periods in each class, the first is a super simple exercise that excavates memories and emotional material from your life. In the second writing period, we take the juiciest items from the first exercise and develop them into a narrative through surprising and magical means. It’s a class that requires almost no left brain critical involvement. When we read what we’ve written, there is No workshopping and no critiquing; we simply share and witness. We laugh a lot; and cry a fair bit too. Students often tell me it’s better than therapy.


I’ll need to talk to you on the phone and receive a deposit before I can confirm your place. Click the button below. $525.