My most accessible class: The Heroine’s Journey

The way I see it, the moment we learn to walk we embark on a Heroine’s Journey.

The Heroine’s Journey is based on mythologist Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey — the plot structure common to adventure stories from cultures the world over.  Simply put, we start, untransformed, are called to adventure, get our butts kicked by life, transform and go back home. Of the two writing periods in each class, the first is a super simple exercise that excavates memories and emotional material from your life. In the second writing period, we take the juiciest items from the first exercise and develop them into a narrative through surprising and magical means. It’s a class that requires almost no left brain critical involvement. When we read what we’ve written, there is NO WORKSHOPPING AND NO CRITIQUING; we simply share and witness. We laugh a lot; and cry a fair bit too. Students often tell me it’s better than therapy.

The class is suitable for those interested in both improving their writing and reframing their lives in a more positive light, or prospecting for truth in their own life. It’s like drilling for oil — sometimes you hit a gusher.

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